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Rain falling on plant leavesOur Purpose

The purpose of this website is to eliminate water born illness and death in the world.  Currently 6,000 children die each day from contaminated water related illness.  Even affluent peoples are facing the realization that their water is not as pure as they thought.  The intent is to offer the information necessary to clean water using materials within one mile of where a person is standing – regardless of where they are in the world.  This site presents a full spectrum of technologies, starting in each section with primitive methods that work with nature, to the most modern man-made equipment that works in spite of nature.  Information is targeted to anyone in any social or economic situation.  However, the most important readers are perhaps the missionaries, world health organizers, and community leaders intent on eliminating drinking water related illness. 

Work In Progress

As you can see, we're a work in progress.  The menu to the left, although lacking in completed links, will give you the idea of the scope of the information planned.

Here to Help

The Center for Rainwater Harvesting is here to help in any way we can.  We encourage your phone calls, e-mail, and letters.  We are glad to discuss visits to your community or consulting with you from afar, whatever is most beneficial to you.

Other ways you can help

There are new ways of cleaning water that are discovered every day by people like you.  Our intent is to grow this website with your real-world experiences.  We encourage you to call, e-mail, or write to us.  Each new technique will be carefully considered for inclusion in this site giving you full credit.  We also like to hear your experiences in using the site information in your community or home.

We are looking for scientists, engineers, and students that are willing to conduct research in several areas where the world is lacking information.  You will need to provide your own funding at this time.  The research subjects are mentioned throughout this website.  Examples are the need to research gutter and roof materials with respect to rainwater contamination.  Others include the social impact of clean water, techniques for global information dissemination, a thorough listing of water born diseases that are prevalent in specific areas or geographies of the world,  influencing world health organizations, long term health effects of multiple, simultaneous contaminants, inexpensive water testing methods and equipment, how to make activated carbon filters economically, and how clean does water need to be for different communities.  These are just a few.  Please contact us if you have a passion for discovering the wonders of water.

Donations - There is no charge for use of this website information.  We ask for donations to keep the work in progress and this site dynamic.  Any amount you donate is appreciated.  If you find this site beneficial, or simply want to contribute something to this cause financially, you can do so here

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